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Photos of the Kart (2)

kart motor
A 500W MY1050 36V DC motor from JX Motor Co Ltd was used to power the kart. Whilst 500W may not sound a lot (approx 3/4 BHP) it is more than enough to drive the go kart at 12 - 15 mph. Top speed can be reduced for younger drivers by adjusting the motor controller.

close-up view of go kart motor
An 11 tooth minimoto sprocket is fitted to the output shaft of the motor.

go kart sprocket close-up
A 62 tooth minimoto sprocket drives the left rear wheel. The sprocket is fixed to a simple carrier which is the attached to the wheel via a drive pin. The resulting gear ratio gives plenty of torque and will drive the go kart up steep inclines (we've tested it up a 1 in 8 climb which it crests easily with a full battery charge).

go kart motor guard close-up view
An aluminium motor and chain guard keeps little fingers away from the dangerous bits! The guard can be removed to adjust chain tension.

kart brake assembly.  Plans for download at www.electric-go-kart.co.uk
A 120mm diameter minimoto brake disc is attached to the right rear wheel using a simple welded carrier. Stopping power is provided by a caliper brake mounted on the rear axle support.

go kart brake pedal full design for download at  www.electric-go-kart.co.uk
Simple pedals were constructed and are mounted through the floorpan.

kart accelerator pedal  complete  design available for download at  www.electric -go-kart.co.uk Both the accelerator and brake pedals have strong return springs, an essential safety feature to ensure that the accelerator returns to neutral when released and the brake caliper releases cleanly.

go kart bonnet off showing welded steel frame.
With the bonnet removed, the wiring for the battery condition monitor, light switch, ignition switch and forward and reverse selector switch is visible.
go kart control panel close up The steering column can also been seen.

In the bottom right of the photo (left) the battery for the 12V lighting circuit can be seen. White LED cluster lights are mounted in the front panel.