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Photos of the Kart (1)

These pages contain photographs of the electric go kart along with descriptions of some of the key parts. Click on the images to download a larger photo. The kart has a welded steel frame and the floor pan is made from MDF. Body panels are folded from aluminium.

Components are easy to make and are well within the grasp of any keen 'DIYer'. electric kart front view

A chain drive (minimoto type) to the left rear wheel powers the go kart. A cable operated minimoto disc brake is fitted to the right rear wheel. Stopping power is more than adequate when combined with regenerative braking applied to the driven wheel.

go kart steering close-up view
Steering is a simple Ackerman set-up giving a very lively response and tight turning circle.

electric kart rear view  plans for download at www.electric-go-kart.co.uk
The seat can be adjusted to accomodate growing drivers and the design features a lap-belt to keep the driver and passenger secure. A bank of 3x12V 12AH lead acid batteries, mounted on the floorpan, provides good running time. Speed is regulated via a 4QD controller fitted on the floor pan in an aluminum housing next to the battery pack.

kart rear view
The red connector in the photo (left) is a pull-out circuit breaker. LED brake lights are housed in a stalk mounted central aluminium box and are activitated by brake pedal movement

kart control panel
Controls are simple; a toggle switch selects forward and reverse, an LED battery condition monitor displays the battery bank voltage and a separate toggle switch operates the lights. A central key type 'ignition' switch isolates the batteries from the motor.

kart pedalsA fully proportional floor mounted accelerator pedal is operated with right foot whilst the left foot operates the brake pedal. The accelerator pedal operates a simple lever potentiometer and the pedal housing features a strong return spring to ensure that when the pedal is released it returns to an 'off' position and power to the motor is immediately cut.