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In this section of the site we'll bring you our free kart plans, which are easy to download and are designed to print on A4 or letter size paper. We've aslo created a 3D PDF file of the kart for download. If you're into more detail you can download a Sketchup model of the kart from these pages.

Free Plans Pack

A comprehensive, dimensioned set of plans and illustrations that you can use to a copy of the kart or use as inspiration for your own designs. There's lots of information on those 'hard to figure' bits of kart design like brake setup, motor control and driveline.


Download our 3D PDF drawing of the kart and you can rotate, zoom and tumble an image of the completed kart. This is a real help in understanding how the kart is assembled.

CAD Model

Trimble Sketchup is a brilliant (and free!) design tool. You can download a Sketchup model of the kart from our page and use components we've already drawn in your own designs.