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Kart CAD Model

At HWM Designs we use a variety of tools to turn our designs into 3D reality. FreeCAD and Sketchup are fantastically powerful tools and are free to download in their basic forms. If you're searching for design ideas for just about anything you can imagine, Sketchup 3D Warehouse .

If you're thinking of building our kart or designing your own you can download our Sketchup file of the kart from this page for a small charge of £3.00 (c$5.00 USD). You can open the file in Sketchup and extract components to include in your own design of kart, it will save you lots of time by avoiding having to create the parts from scratch.

The beauty of using a CAD product is that is allows you to really visualise, optimise and check parts before committing to cutting expensive materials. A few hours spent playing around with a digital design can save you many hours of frustration and trouble by avoiding having to rectify design faults.

Digital designs created in FreeCAD and Sketchup can be further enhanced by exploring the world of rendering software. We like to use Kerkythea, check out our rendering page to see what can be achieved in terms of photo-realistic images. You are only limited by your imagination!

Buy Now Download our Sketchup model here for only £3.00 (approx $5.00 USD). Click the 'Buy Now' button to proceed. By proceeding you accept our Terms & Conditions , or:

You will need to download Sketchup from http://www.sketchup.com/download to open the model file. Sketchup is free to download.
kart sketchup
kart sketchup
kart 3D PDF
kart sketchup