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rendering of frame

Taking your CAD generated designs and then running them through rendering software can generate photo-realistic images that you can use in websites, printed publications and marketing material. Rendering software can be great fun to play around with and is a superb way to see how your designs will look in real life.

rendering of connector block On this page we’ve added a few rendered images of the kart and parts of the kart as examples of what can be achieved. There are many types of rendering software available on-line; you will need to pick a product that is compatible with your CAD package. Often the rendering software can be accessed by installing a plugin in the CAD package. For instance Sketchup and Kerkythea work well together as do FreeCAD, POV-Ray and LuxRender.

rendering of kart You will need reasonable computing power to create complex renderings in a sensible amount of time. Most modern PCs with a reasonable amount (8Gb) of RAM and at least an Intel i5 processor (or equivalent) will get the job done for most applications. rendering of pedal