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Construction Sequence

Our free go kart plans pack contains construction and finishing details together with a selection of photographs of the completed kart. Here are some key points to remember when building the kart:

Clean all areas to be welded and ensure that all welds have good penetration. Building a kart is an excellent welding project and is not too challenging.

The kart can be welded with either TIG, MIG or MMA welding process. Note that the specified frame tubing is relatively thin and care must be taken not to burn through tubing walls whilst welding. If in doubt please consult an experienced welder.

All body panels can be folded using suitable lengths of angle section steel as folding brakes. Make cardboard templates first to ensure a good fit.

All electrical connnections should be made using appropriate crimped connectors.

All bolts should be threadlocked during final assembly.
go kart assembly sequence