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About HWM Designs Ltd

We love to design and make for fun.  At HWM Designs we publish plans and digital products for the online maker community.  We are always on the hunt for design inspiration and craftspeople that produce exciting, high quality and individual items.   We get lots of great ideas from custom car and hot rod builders, blacksmiths, metal workers, welders and digital artists. Our world today allows us to link and share ideas across the globe so easily, we just wish there was more time in every day to explore all of the truly stunning creativity that can be found on the internet!

Take some time to investigate our Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest feeds, the links are at the bottom of every page on our site.  If you’re struggling to find out how to make something or need to source a difficult to find tool or component you’d do a lot worse than to search through our social media, we’ve found lots of niche experts who will probably be able to help you out.

We’re always interested in what you’re making or creating and love to highlight products on HWM Designs blog so let us know what you’re latest build or design is.  Help the online community by sharing information, design techniques and ways to craft products.
Digital Design

We love to sketch our ideas using nothing more than paper and pencil but digital design methods, particularly using 3D tools, like Sketchup, provide a whole new dimension for your creativity.   We've posted some useful information for beginners on our Design Tips page
New to Welding?

We've found some great advice on YouTube for TIG, MIG and stick welding.  There's more information and helpful links on our Welding Tips page.  Don't be daunted, with a little practice and patience you can develop welding skills that will open the door to so many fun projects.

The best designers, creators and artists get stuck for ideas.  Use this site to spark thoughts for projects and ways of expressing your designs.  Have a look at our HWM Designs social media, we're always adding interesting designers and craftspeople.  Check back regularly.