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Kart Safety

  • Operating the go kart is tremendous fun but you must take all necessary safety precautions.  Please read the plans pack carefully before commencing construction.

  • Build the kart to a high standard. This is essential for safe operation.  If you have any doubt about your ability to undertake the the manufacturing methods and techniques necessary you must consult a professional engineer.

  • Regularly maintain the kart.  You must check all steering, brake system and accelerator pedal linkages and fixings for security.  Adjust brake cable tension to ensure that full brake application occurs in the first third of the pedal travel.  All brake pedal fixings must be checked for security.  Accelerator pedal fixings must be checked and the security and function of the return spring must be tested.  The accelerator pedal must not stick, or in anyway, jam.  Wheel nuts must be checked for tightness after every run and tyres must be inflated to their correct operating pressure.

  • Assess the ability of the driver to operate the kart.  Drivers must be able to reach the pedals and steering wheel whilst seated and wearing the seatbelt.  Adjust the position of the seat as required.

  • Limit the speed of the kart.  The recommended 4QD speed controller can limit acceleration and top speed.  Please read the speed controller instructions carefully and set appropriate speeds for the age and experience of the driver (either by adjusting controller settings or physically restricting the accelerator pedal travel). Drivers must be instructed to turn off the ignition in the unlikely event of the motor becoming uncontrollable.

  • Operate the kart only where safe and legal to do so.  Under no circumstances must the kart be operated in areas where there is other vehicular traffic.  You must designate a safe area for operating the kart and under no circumstances must the kart be deliberately driven towards obstacles or spectators.  All spectators must be kept at a safe distance.  Wear appropriate safety clothing and ensure that the driver and passenger are wearing the seatbelt.

  • Make sure that chain guard is fitted at all times.  Isolate the batteries from the speed controller and motor before attempting any adjustments to chain tension.

  • Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the kart (80Kg).

    Read the General Info, Safety and Use page of the Plans Pack before beginning to make or use the kart.