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Using the Plans

This part of the website is designed to help you navigate the kart plans pack. The pack is divided into sections, each on covering a major sub-assembly. A final assembly section is included on Sheet 58. Please read this Sheet along with Sheet 59, recommended finishes for sub-assemblies) before commencing construction.

Our plans are sized to print on A4 or letter size paper for use in a workshop. The resolution of the drawings is high and they can be expanded in Adobe Acrobat to view parts in more detail on a computer or tablet.

At the start of each section of the plans pack there is a general overview drawing that shows the completed sub-assembly. The first section shows how to make the kart frame. After each general overview drawing there will be a series of dimensioned drawings that will allow parts to be cut to the correct size. Where it is necessary you will find more detailed views to show how smaller parts or areas of construction should be completed.

Before beginning work on an assembly it will be easier to gather all the necessary materials and fixtures (plus some spare for errors), cut all the parts and then trial fit by setting out on a flat surface, clamping as needed, before welding or drilling.

Remember the old adage, "Measure twice, cut once!". As a handmade product you may well need to fettle the odd part to make it fit but the key to avoiding major discrepancies is build the kart on a flat surface, use good engineer's squares, quality steel rulers and sharp scribes.