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Photos of the Kart (3)

kart steering wheel kart steering ptfe  mount, complete design available for download at  www.electric-go-kart.co.uk

The go kart steering wheel is made from sheet aluminium with the profile created using car body filler before being bound in cycle handlebar tape.

Top and bottom steering column mounts are made from PTFE mounted on welded brackets. The top mount can be seen in the photo (above right).

kart steering setup
Viewing the kart from underneath the steering linkages can be seen. Ackerman steering is achieved by the offset mounting of the track rod ends on the pitman arm mounted at the bottom of the steering column. In this photo the brake cable outer (blue) is also visible.

kart wiring complete electrical plans at www.electric-go-kart.co.uk
In this view the wiring layout for the lighting and motor control systems can be seen. A switch fitted to the brake cable closes the circuit to the brake light when the brake pedal is pressed.

brake light switch This is a useful design feature when younger drivers are operating the kart because you can see whether they are actually pressing the brake pedal when you shout "stop"!

kart colour change LED - complete design at  www.electric-go-kart.co.uk A colour-change LED is fitted on the underside of the floorpan. When driven at night with the colour change LED switched on a ghostly glow emerges from under the kart. Simple clamp connectors hold the LED in place.

welded go kart motor mount
In this picture the underside of the motor mount assembly can be seen. The motor mount fits over the left-hand frame rail and is held in place by a clamping plate that picks up on brackets fitted to the motor mount and rail.