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Free electric go kart plans to download

go kart picture Our electric go kart plans are free to download and have all the details you need to make a kart with great performance. We offer the added bonus of on-line support for our customers who 'buy us a coffee' at the check-out. We've included lots of useful resource links and you'll find lots kart photos on this site. If you want to design your own kart but need some inspiration, our free plans pack will give you a head start and a ready source of ideas. We're here to help - please email us at contact@hwm-designs.com with any questions.

NEW! 3D PDF plans of electric kart now available for download

go kart 3D PDF Visit our 3D plans page for more information about a great addition to our free plans pack. We've developed a fully interactive 3D PDF model that can be viewed in Adobe Reader (10 or higher). 3D PDF allows you to turn, tumble and zoom an image of the complete electric go kart. This is a fantastic aid for building the kart and complements our popular free plans pack.

We are offering our electric kart 3D PDF plans for £1.00 only (normal price £3.00) to fans of our Facebook page

Build your own electric go kart

If you are looking for a'garage engineering' project that can be built with basic tools then look no further. Fitted with a 500W motor this electric kart is capable of 12-15mph (but can be restricted to lower speeds). The design is flexible and can easily be adapted. As drawn, the kart is 1.32m long, has track (width) of 0.99m and stands 0.62m high.

Made with a steel tube section frame,the kart is a simple welding project with a TIG, MIG or MMA (stick) welder. The design is scalable and all dimensions can be multiplied by up to 20% to produce a larger kart. The project is a great way to learn about welding, electric drives, speed controllers, steering geometry, braking systems and mechnical engineering.

A lighting system is fitted, making night-driving possible. Speed is controlled by a 4QD motor controller that also produces a regenerative braking effect. Additional braking for the kart is provided by a cable operated disc brake.

Download free kart plans now!

The free plans are in PDF format and are designed to be printed on letter or A4 paper. You can use the plans to build an exact copy, or as a source of ideas for designing and building your own go kart. We've solved some of those tricky engineering issues you might be struggling with and our plans have dimensions for all parts along with handy 3D sketches showing how the assemblies fit together.